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  • What is LET PASS International?

    LET PASS International is an official document with an international character designed by US UCIA Corporation, Inc. which seeks to protect and support the work of religious leaders and activists in the fields of human rights against the laws that seek to imprison those who provide services of regression therapy to people who want to change their lives after having changed their sexuality for different circumstances.


    These laws put religious stability at risk and challenge the secular state and US UCIA Corporation, Inc. established a council of international lawyers from different countries in order to defend and protect those who are persecuted by their governments through these laws promoted by the way.

  • What is the scope of LET PASS International?

    LET PASS International is acceptable in 190 countries at the moment and we are working with more than 2,000 NGOs working in the field of human rights.

  • How can I apply to obtain my LET PASS International?

    The process is very simple, start by filling out the form below, after sending it in a period of 3 business days we will contact you to schedule an interview online, after the interview in 24 hours we will confirm if you were eligible to obtain the LET PASS International.

  • Which are the requirements?

    The requirements are:

    - Be a minister / religious leader.

    - Activist.

    - Present a document that proves your ministerial activity / human rights activism.

    - If you are ACI / ACO, scan a copy of both parts of your credential.

  • How is the LET PASS International delivery process?

    The document will be sent to the place where you indicate us during your interview, it is worth mentioning that the shipping costs have to be covered by the applicant, in this case the applicant can buy a guide at any international parcel company of their choice and send us the information so that we can place your document in the company and address that the applicant has indicated.

  • What will the interview for the LET PASS International process be like?

    The interview will be scheduled at a date and time agreed with the applicant, it will be done through ZOOM, the access code will be sent to you through the email you provided us. And because of COVID-19, US UCIA Corporation, Inc. has all its staff doing home offices so you can appreciate that our officers speak to you from their homes.


    During the interview you should only give information about your activities and if they fall into our programs and areas then it is possible that your application will be accepted.

  • How long does the LET PASS International issue last?

    The issuance of LET PASS International is taking from 15 to 30 business days and once it is sent, the delivery time will depend on the company you have chosen.

  • How much does LET PASS International cost?

    LET PASS International has a cost of $ 49.99 USD and this is only paid when the applicant was notified that their application was accepted


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